ALDI Employee and supplier events

In close collaboration with ALDI Danmark, we created 7 major events for ALDI’s employees and main suppliers. During the last 12 months, ALDI has been under major transformations and has changed the direction.

ALDI’s main goal was to provide their employees and suppliers with great insight knowledge about the entirely new concept and to prepare them for the launch of the new marketing campaign 3rd. of May. During the conferences, it was important for ALDI to focus on the core of the brand value including sustainability, freshness, convenience and forward-thinking – all in line with the new visual expression of ALDI. With 8 different events at 4 different locations, we teamed up with ALDI to fulfill their needs when nearly 3,000 guests had to be informed of the new multi sensory concept, entertained and provided with lunch or dinner.

The task was divided into two types of events:

1. 6 employee conferences located in 3 locations (Ringsted, Odense, and Aars)

  1. 2500 guests invited.
  2. Pickup from 182 ALDI locations
  3. 3 slider pr. person – a total of 7500 sliders in 9 variants all of them with Danish products from ALDI.
  4. As a part of ALDI’s new bake-off, 2500 croissants were made in the shops and distributed to the locations.
  5. Branding aimed at employees with relevant communication was tailored to the 3 locations.
  6. Development of a new website for registration to engage in further dialogue with employees before and after the event.

2. Supplier event

  1. 500 main suppliers invited
  2. We built and created an 120 m2 ALDI showcase concept store. The idea behind was to include the exact same elements as the new stores contain, and thereby give the suppliers a visual experience that spoke to all senses.
  3. Set up of all elements and completed the conference
  4. Development of a new website for registration to engage in further dialogue with suppliers before and after the event.

See the 3D intro we made for the event:

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