Elgiganten 25 years anniversary 2021

Once again, we had the pleasure of planning, coordinating and facilitated out the entire event for Elgiganten.
In a time of Covid19 the planning of large-scale events has been quite challenging, and 4 completely different versions of the event(s) was planned to cater the ever-changing regulations and situations. From 3 events spread out in Denmark, to 2 events in Aarhus and Copenhagen, and to one event in Copenhagen, all events with all planning done to ensure that budget was kept, and all safety was in place. All preplanning done within 6 weeks.

Pre event:
All 2500 staff members got an invitation to join the party and could sign up on a website. After signup we kept the dialog with the guest on SMS and email to update them on relevant news

The no of Elgigant stores is now 40 and that means a lot of coordination when you need to pick and deliver that many guests and making sure that the process is smooth. All busses included water and food for the journey to the venue, and water to the way back. All guests could pick their start location on a list to make the transport as short as possible from their home.

The 25-anniversary theme was the journey from 90′ to 2021, and we needed a lot of different elements to get there.
A tv commercial was made to celebrate the anniversary, using hero products in gold frames as the key element, and we tapped into that element in the design phase of both website, venue, and stage design
We reused the website structure from the last event, but did a brush up on graphic to match the overall theme of the event
We asked all staff to upload their profile pictures during the signup process and used them to showcase the true heroes at Elgiganten in gold frames. The pictures were added to a custom coded animation, pulling random pictures to 2 x 3 different 70′ screens in the entrance area, and the 3 combined screens was profiled with one large gold frame.

The venue design was decorated with a variety of different mirror balls along with custom light settings.
The 10 x 8 M stage was encapsuled in a LED screen frame, and to large side projectors. We produced custom branded graphic content for the entire event including the different music acts.

All guest received a ticket to 2 drinks upon arrival and a LED wristband that we could fully control both colors and different groups of people. We divided the guest into 5 different groups depending on their seniority in Elgiganten. That way we could celebrate the different groups of guests very clearly when turning on their wristbands.

The food was specially selected to cater all including vegetarian and gluten allergic, and all food was served Covid friendly to ensure safety on critical parts of the party.

The bar was open for the entire evening, serving a wide range of 90’ inspired drinks and normal beer, cider and wine. We had a waterbar to make sure that bottled water was easy to access for all guest during the event.

For a party this size, we need entertainment, and we had the pleasure of Melvin Kakooza as our host.
On the music side it was a mix of new and old to get the 90’ vibe. DR ALBAN, BARCODE BROTHERS, CUT ‘N’ ‘MOVE, LORD SIVA, CHEFF Records, INFERNAL and to tie all the nots during the night we had the fantastic DJ NOIZE as host DJ.

We are happy with the result of the evening and looking forward to more big events in the future

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