Create PeopleWe have been working together for years and years, and the collective expertise and experience is the key to a solid and fast solution to your challenges.We believe that by by fostering a collaborative environment, ideas are exchanged, and diverse perspectives are considered, leading to innovative and effective campaigns.At Create our senior staff members bring their wealth of industry knowledge to the table, guiding you throu the needed challenges. The collaborative model encourages open communication, ensuring that the marketing strategy aligns seamlessly with organizational goals.The benefits of collaborative marketing with senior staff extend beyond knowledge transfer. It creates a cohesive team atmosphere, where everyone is invested in the success of the marketing initiatives. This approach not only enhances creativity but also establishes a mentorship dynamic, where the knowledge of senior professionals is shared.In a rapidly evolving business landscape, collaborative marketing with senior staff ensures adaptability and responsiveness to market trends. It fosters a culture of continuous learning, allowing you to stay ahead in an ever-changing business environment.


Morten Engmark boasts a rich 30-year history specializing in high-impact marketing and event management:

  • Expertise in developing international tradeshow stands, ensuring a compelling presence for diverse clientele.
  • Proven track record in executing social media marketing plans across 34 countries, demonstrating adaptability and global market awareness.
  • Successful coordination of large-scale events with 20.000+ attendees, showcasing meticulous planning and execution skills.
  • Entrepreneurial acumen evident in the founding and leadership of companies
  • Diverse skill set encompassing event planning, marketing, and strategic development, contributing substantially to the success of various ventures.
Morten Engmark
Ulrik Walter Rasmussen

Ulrik Walter

20 years of experience with high-end customer relation management, sales and sales development in the luxury and top premium segment of car sales:

– Professional and high-end customer service
– 360 degree customer profiling
– Customer network development.
– Development of sales and marketing activity
– Sales, up-selling & cross-selling
– Canvas sales, meetings, product presentations


As an Executive Vice President of Production, I bring a solid 15-year background in orchestrating both physical and virtual event production, advertising, and entertainment realms:

  • My professional journey involves collaboration with exceptional talent across various companies and agencies, refining my adaptability and contributing uniquely to project success.
  • I am captivated by the dynamics of systems on all scales, inspiring a big-picture approach that fundamentally shapes my project strategies and responses to challenges.
  • This perspective has not only opened new horizons for consulting but has also empowered me to assist clients on a broader scale, aiding in the development and refinement of systems for enhanced effectiveness and the fostering of innovation within their teams.
  • Each client relationship serves as a learning opportunity, providing fresh insights and continually enriching my expanding toolkit.

My unwavering dedication to work is evident in my commitment to navigating projects with a valuable and distinct impact.

Karoline Mikkelsen
Gitte Holm


I rethink stories and create content with value that resonates with the audience.


Experienced photographer, journalist and content creator

Søren JuulSøren Juul
Anette Damgaard Skrumsager


Enthusiastic and highly dedicated digital marketer with a keen emphasis on target groups and data-driven strategies:

  • Proficient in various facets of digital marketing, including social media management, strategic planning, communication, branding, employee advocacy, and employer branding.
  • My skills extend to fostering social connections, demonstrating an open-minded approach, and fearlessly vocalizing opinions while shouldering responsibility for tasks at hand.
  • Beyond the professional sphere, I am a devoted mom and wife, finding joy in baking pancakes and embarking on runs with the kids in the jogging stroller.


  • Aspire to contribute to a company excelling in product transformation.
  • Passion for crafting comprehensive brand and product experiences.
  • Drive sales through clear communication of brand values.
  • Acknowledge the evolving consumer landscape.
  • Emphasize the significance of well-thought-out product concepts.
  • Recognize the role of dreams and desires in attracting customers.
  • Desire to be a part of making dreams a reality within the professional journey.
Sabina Perriard
Camilo Fernandez


Leisure Specialties:

  • Industrial knowledge, marketing, management, accounting, microeconomics, and statistics.

Language and Culture:

  • European and South American.

Producing Music, Videos, and Events:

  • Extensive experience within my own company.

Sound, Lighting, and Stage Operations:

  • Proficient in rigging, dismantling, and design.