We see ourselves as marketing’s extended arm. We offer a toolbox with the marketing services you need – and we deliver by the hour or by project.

Create started officially in 2010 but combined we have more than 30 years of experience within event marketing and concept development.

Our core marketing services are strategic social media planning and events.

Our toolbox comprises of experts that deliver the best possible solutions within their field.

We can guarantee the quality of the solutions, as we have been working with these experts for years.

In collaboration with our suppliers, we aim to incorporate sustainability in all events without affecting the cost.

Our team of consultants guides you on the way to the goal.

We do it because we care about the world we will leave behind. That is why we every year donate a percentage of our profit to a NGO. In 2022 it was Danish People’s Aid

Book a meeting with us and use us as your extended team.


Whether it’s action-marketing, corporate events, kick-offs, tradeshows or social media campaigns, then we can create the desired attention.

Social Media Marketing

We utilize Social Media Marketing as one of the most cost-effective and valuable tools for your business in order to properly display your services and measure your ROI & KPI across channels.

Create is an event toolbox

In close collaboration with our vast network of professionals, CR8 is an event toolbox where experience, confidence and trust is key for every assignment.

Your dynamic teammate

CR8 serves as a dynamic teammate for businesses looking to solve strategic, tactical or operational sales and/or marketing projects.

Full control

We control and maneuver through every element of the process, from initial concept, to creative brief, execution and on to evaluation, reporting and ideas for future outlook.

Kick off event

Let’s advocate your new initiative with a complementary kick off event combining the perfect setting and identity, to ensure the occasion is commemorated and remembered.

Wide range of services

We offer a wide range of services, resulting in clients utilising us throughout the entire operation on a full project basis – or for individual services at an hourly rate.

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Are you interested in a nice cup of coffee and a talk about our services and how they may help you?Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us - We will respond within 24 hours.Want to get in touch mail us at hello@cr8.dk