We are amidst a technological revolution. The worldwide accessibility to the Internet is revolutionizing the way we communicate, the way we ACT and the way we INTERact. Without mentioning all the buzzwords, the social aspects of the world wide web are growing more and more popular. Whether it be blogs, microblogs, forums, business networks, photo-sharing, social gaming or social networks, the power of social networking is unmistakably growing, and is it up to us to tap into this power and harness it.

Social Media presence is vital for any company. At CR8 we keep close watch on new trends and social media phenomena.

Currently an estimated 2.34 billion people worldwide have a social media profile and the numbers are expected to grow. With Facebook as the spearhead, social media has shown incredible potential when it comes to online and viral marketing on social media. Some 65 percent of all Danish people are online every day. 51% through their cell phone and 35% on a tablet. 3.5 million Danes have a Facebook profile and 73% of those are logged in at least monthly while 59% are logged in daily (*august 2016)

The youngsters are not alone on Facebook and other social medias. While the use of tablets has risen from 3% to 42% among the 60-74 year olds, their use of social media has also climbed.

Knowing these trends emphasizes the importance on having a clear social media strategy for any company exploring the potential of Online Marketing.

At CR8 we developed a model which will generate traffic to your website and blogs as well as engaging users on relevant social media. And most importantly it will measurably boost your sales.

When we talk about social media we focus on the complete process from brand identity through segmentation on social media to brand awareness in general. We are not just improving your sales; we are creating value for you and for your customers.

But don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at our references and contact us so we can show you how we can help.

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