The world is changing faster than we can imagine, and so is the ways we can interact from home. Regardless if it is a conference, a concert or another event, we can create amazing virtualevents, virtual concert or virtual conference tailor-made for your needs and your audience.

Our expertise is flawless planning and assuring that you have peace of mind during the entire progress pre-event and during the event.

Also our partner Verse, the expert in audience engagement. 

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Custom design of a graphic venue, live interactions with your audience, gathering of valuable data, Live concerts within a custom AR platform. Sounds like something from the future, but is’s happening right now and we can help you all the way.

Our expertise is flawless planning and assuring that you have peace of mind during the entire progress pre-, after- and during the event.

What makes us different?
We’re not your average corporate events company. Sure, we do all the usual delegate management, logistics, venue selection and AV production as you’d expect. And we do it very well if that’s all you need.

But if you really want your event to stand out, you need some outstanding creative ideas and delivery. And that’s where we excel.

We bring 30+ years of experience in experiential marketing to turn your standard corporate event, your conference, concert or any event into something far more meaningful and memorable.

Our corporate event services offer everything you need for your next annual conference, corporate roadshow, company day, awards ceremony, Christmas party , tradeshow, exhibition and more.

We offer:

• Concept design and theming
• Event production
• Technical AV/lighting
• Extraordinary event content (e.g. video mapping, shows ect.)
• Graphic setdesign
• AR programming
• Hosting and Streaming
• Video and digital production
• Pre-and post event communication
• Social media management
• Dedicated Event apps
• and much more

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